Introduction of HowardCN
We are a team of professional exporters, specializing in the trade of farm produce, especially of fruits and vegetables.  We follow a non-conventional sales model and are fully committed to providing the best service to our customers.

As farm produce varies across regions, we have built relationships with production plants in many parts of China.  Our connections stretch from Guangdong Province in South China to Hebei Province in North China and involve both inland provinces and the coastal ports.  This enables us to establish a highly efficient logistics system for our product procurement and distribution.

We have years of experience in maintaining strict waste control and efficient shipments organization.  Our expertise and commitment to service lead us to stable partnerships with food distributors in many regions and countries of the world.

Our main exports include:

• Fruits: Honey polemoes, apples, mandarins, navel oranges, lemons, lo tangerines, pears and grapes

• Vegetables: Root vegetables, Stem vegetables, Leaf vegetables, Flower vegetables, Fruit vegetables and edible fungi.

Our Mission:

To provide the best fruits and vegetables at the lowest costs for our customers

Our services include:

• To provide accurate and in-time information about the products that you are looking for, including product pictures, varieties, packaging details, etc. 

• To quote the product prices for your reference

• To select and control the quality of products from plantations, packing houses and cool storage centers.

• To organize the logistics system from farms to packing houses, cool storage centers, seaports, Customs and the market.

The fact that China is such a big country makes it possible for us to supply most fruits and vegetables the whole year round.  The most important thing is that we understand your needs and the world market better than most other packing houses or plantations from China.  Our skills at aiding the launch and marketing of products in an overseas market are world-class.  Team HowardSA is your most trusted provider of high quality fruits and vegetables from China.

We also on the market to purchase fruits and vegetables from oversea and sell to our O2O system in Chinese markets. If you intend to sell your products to China, please don't hesitate to contact with us.